Show Review & Photos: Joywave @ the Neptune

Joywave @ the Neptune, 11/9/18
Show Review & Photos by Dagmar

I am heartbroken from only seeing Joywave now. I’d heard some of their music, then, recently began listening to their albums. I became smitten. I’d seen other photographs of the band from photographers on Back Beat Seattle, and pictures elsewhere. I loved lead singer Daniel Armbruster’s style. So, while I hated myself for not catching their Seattle shows, and there have been quite a few, I finally got to catch the Joywave experience.

Joywave‘s Daniel Armbruster – photo by Dagmar

Co-headlining with Sir Sly, the New York quintet played songs from their two albums, How Do You Feel Now? and Content on a stage with word changing lighted boxes and flashing lights. Those lights worked especially well during “Destruction.” Armbruster covered the stage while dressed in flashy shoes. He’s got to be one of my favorite singers at this point, and he’s charming and charismatic and all that important stuff.

The entire setlist was gorgeous with a shocking “Content,” which is actually put together unlike much other music. Do you know how hard it is not to be derivative? And have it sound good? “It’s a Trip,” “Little Lies You’re Told,” “Somebody New,” “Tongues,” “Now,” “Traveling at the Speed of Light,” new track “Obsession,” and the burning “Destruction” were the absolute evening’s keepers.

At one point, Armbruster mentioned that the Seattle show sold out twice. The first time was to a “robot” online. The band didn’t like that, so they cancelled that order (damn you, scalpers,) and sold tickets again. He proudly told us that it turns out humans like Joywave, too. We do!



Somebody New
It’s a Trip!
Traveling at the Speed of Light
Little Lies You’re Told
Let’s Talk About Feelings