Show Review & Photos: Interpol @ the Moore

Interpol @ the Moore, – 2/2/19
Show Review & Photos by Dagmar

Interpol’s Paul Banks

I could easily just say I love Interpol, and leave it at that, as if that’s the highest praise I could give. It kind of is. But I really do love Interpol, and was thrilled by their performance earlier this month at the Moore. In fact, especially during “Take You on a Cruise,” I was completely smiling. I don’t know, that’s probably not too cool at an Interpol show. 

Daniel Kessler

Interpol’s songs consistently set an ethereal mood, and the privacy of some of their best songs performed live became something else: a chilling (as in, hey, I think we’ve all got goosebumps and it’s awesome) experience. Many songs from their first two albums, Turn On the Bright Lights and Antics popped up eagerly waiting on the setlist. “Say Hello to the Angels,”  “C’mere,” “Evil” “Not Even Jail” were all glorious. Maybe even more so was the band’s performance of “Take You on a Cruise,” with singer Paul Banks’ perfect intonations. His voice was utterly moving.

Sam Fogarino

Guitarist Daniel Kessler has a graceful guitar style, and he’s got an incredible, wild performance you don’t always expect would match his chic suits. But it’s not jarring. Drummer Sam Fogarino is like an athlete. While Paul Banks played bass on the group’s most recent albums, Brad Truax’s been playing bass live. And the bass lines in Interpol are always very, very important. 

Other fantastic tracks from Turn On the Bright Lights were “Roland” and ” “Obstacle 1,” which point again how perfect an album that is. The trio just released its sixth album, the strong Marauder, last summer, and “Flight of Fancy,” “If You Really Love Nothing” and “Number 10” live especially proved Interpol is, and always will be, one of the great bands. All that greatness got some extra stage mood with massive lasers and warm red lights – at one point a whole row of them was behind the band – making everything look so. . . Interpol.



Pioneer to the Falls – Our Love To Admire
C’mere – Antics
If You Really Love Nothing – Marauder
Public Pervert – Antics
Roland – Turn On the Bright Lights
Complications – Marauder
Say Hello to the Angels – Turn On the Bright Lights
NYC – Turn On the Bright Lights
Take You on a Cruise – Antics
Flight of Fancy – Marauder
The Rover – Marauder
The New – Turn On the Bright Lights
Number 10 – Marauder
Slow Hands – Antics
All the Rage Back Home – El Pintor
Rest My Chemistry – Our Love to Admire


Not Even Jail – Antics
Evil – Antics
Obstacle 1 – Turn On the Bright Lights