Show Review & Photos: Enrique Iglesias w/Pitbull & Ricky Martin @ Climate Pledge Arena

Seattle’s Ritmo Extravaganza: The Trilogy Tour’s Unforgettable Night of Passionate Performances! -12/8/23

By Diane Webb

Enrique Iglesias

Enrique Iglesias – photo by Diane Webb

On December 8, 2023, the heart of Seattle raced to a rhythm it had never heard before as The Trilogy Tour descended upon the awe-inspiring Climate Pledge Arena. Brace yourselves, because Ricky Martin, Pitbull, and Enrique Iglesias delivered a ritmo-filled spectacle that left the city trembling and its audience electrified.

Picture an expansive stage adorned with elevated drum kits, a platform embellished with stairs, mammoth LED screens painting captivating backdrops, and CO2 jets unleashing monumental bursts into the stratosphere. But hold on, the excitement didn’t stop there! A thoughtfully positioned second stage at the arena’s rear ensured that fans were not just spectators but active participants, enjoying an up-close-and-personal connection with their musical idols throughout this extraordinary, sensational show.

The audience, a diverse sea ranging from the youthful to the seasoned, clad in sequins, suits, and Seattle’s trademark casual chic, created a vibrant tapestry of anticipation.

The concert, a melting pot of Spanish, Cuban, and Puerto Rican musical flavors, ignited a unique and contagious energy that had everyone on their feet, dancing in the aisles from start to finish. The palpable love between the performers and their adoring fans painted a vivid portrait of unity and joy.

Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin, the show’s opening dynamo, unleashed a high-octane performance, traversing the stage with exuberant dancing, gravity-defying jumps, and infectious smiles that seemed to radiate through every corner of the arena. From his Menudo days in the ’80s to the present, Martin’s charisma has only intensified. Hits like “Pégate,” “Shake Your Bon-Bon,” “She Bangs,” and “Livin’ la Vida Loca” transformed the arena into a pulsating dance floor.

Pitbull, the maestro of the party, burst onto the stage in a sleek black tailored suit, flanked by a squad of seductive dancers. Thunderous cheers greeted him, setting the tone for an unforgettable night. With CO2 jets creating explosive punctuation marks, Pitbull’s energetic performance featured hits like “Don’t Stop the Party,” “Hotel Room Service,” and “Time of Our Lives,” turning the arena into a feverish dance haven.


In the interludes, as fans basked in the afterglow of two remarkable performances, the anticipation for the headliner, Enrique Iglesias, hung thick in the air. As the lights dimmed, a slow buildup ushered in Iglesias, triggering a pandemonium of cheers, hands in the air, and an ecstatic sea of dancing fans.

Known for his special bond with the audience, Iglesias seized the evening with electrifying interactions. From one fan tossing a can of Truly to Iglesias to him tossing it to another eager fan who happily consumed it, to traversing the stage repeatedly, ensuring every fan felt the proximity of their idol, Iglesias’ showmanship was nothing short of endearing and exhilarating. Hits like “Tonight (I’m Lovin’ You),” “Bailamos,” “Súbeme la radio,” and “Escape” serenaded the audience, leaving an indelible imprint on the ritmo-filled landscape of Seattle.

The Trilogy Tour was not just a concert; it was a seismic event that fused music, passion, and unbridled energy, leaving Seattle forever changed. As the echoes of the night reverberate, one thing is certain: the memory of The Trilogy Tour will linger in the hearts of Seattleites, an anthem of a night when the city danced to a triple beat that resonated in every soul.

Enrique Iglesias – photos by Diane Webb

Pitbull – photos by Diane Webb

Ricky Martin – photos by Diane Webb