Show Review & Photos: Dirty Honey @ Neumos

Dirty Honey @ Neumos, 2/21/20
Show Review & Photos by Casey Brevig

Dirty Honey – photo by Casey Brevig

Neumos was packed, and the crowd was bubbling with anticipation for Dirty Honey (hailing from Los Angeles, California) to grace the stage on February 21st. The band, consisting of lead vocalist Marc Labelle, guitarist John Notto, bassist Justin Smolian, and drummer Corey Coverstone, put on one hell of a heavy performance channeled through Marc LaBelle’s vocals. As Notto states their sound is “New Fashioned Rock ‘n’ Roll.” The nostalgic music I heard that night reminds me of listening to a good old rock song as a kid riding in my dad’s Ford.

A lot of buzz has been surrounding the group since their self-titled debut EP last year. With tracks such as “Rolling 7s” there is a feeling this band isn’t bringing anything back, just putting down some fist bumping and hard rocking vibes! Friday’s live performance impressed and demonstrated their genuine love of the craft. Keep an eye out for this group on the next go-around in Seattle, as I’m sure the venue will sell out. After grooving to these five tunes I’m hoping additional material gets released soon!

Dirty Honey – photos by Casey Brevig