Show Review & Photos: Demob Happy w/Balcony Bridge @ the Vera Project

Demob Happy w/Balcony Bridge @ the Vera Project – 11/8/23
Show Review & Photos by Diane Webb

Demob Happy – photo by Diane Webb

Demob Happy, the British alternative rock sensation, ignited the Vera Project in Seattle on November 8, 2023, during their tour for the 2023 album Diving Machines. The setlist featured hits like “Voodoo Science,” “Token Appreciation Society,” “Earth Mover,” and “Super-Fluid,” creating an immersive experience for the lively audience. Fans danced, sang, and cheered, while immersed in the band’s signature blend of raw energy and eclectic vibes. The intimate Vera Project venue provided the perfect backdrop for the intense yet melodic journey curated by Demob Happy. Opening the night with infectious energy was the local band Balcony Bridge, setting an electrifying tone for the headliners. Demob Happy’s performance showcased their musical prowess, leaving an indelible mark on Seattle’s alternative rock scene. With a chill and eclectic vibe, the night proved unforgettable, solidifying Demob Happy’s status as a must-see band in the genre and leaving fans eagerly anticipating their next sonic adventure.

Demob Happy – photos by Diane Webb

Balcony Bridge – photos by Diane Webb