Show Review & Photos: British Sea Power @ Neumos

God bless British Sea Power – they sell their own fudge. I sure have missed this band’s live shows over the last few years. They’re such a powerful band live and they’ve even improved since I saw them back in 2007 (I believe that was their last visit to Seattle – I might be wrong). Since then they released the awesome Do You Like Rock Music, Man of Aran and this year’s Valhalla Dancehall. Brothers Hamilton and Yan, guitarists Noble and Phil Sumner, drummer Wood and new to the band viola player Abi Fry smother you with mysterious, soul-searching and melting rock in a style just their own. Their lilts and chants are exquisitely fun and touching. Noble came out in the crowd and let several audience members play jump rope on his guitar cord, then seemed to bless people by tapping them on the heads with his guitar. Main highlights for me were “Who’s in Control?,” “Stunde Null,” “Blackout,” “Zeus,” “Lucifer,” “All in It,” and “Living is So Easy”. “Living is So Easy” pulls off a successful party where “no one got killed.” Nice!

Photos & review by Dagmar

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