Show Review & Photos: A reassembled Le Tigre bring their captivating dance-punk energy to a devoted fanbase at The Paramount Theatre

Le Tigre @ the Paramount – 7/6/23
Show Review & Photos by Alex Crick

Le Tigre’s Kathleen Hanna

Almost two decades have passed since Le Tigre last illuminated a Seattle stage. While the world has forged ahead, the dance-punk beats of Le Tigre remain as invigorating as ever. Comprising a trio – Kathleen Hanna, Johanna Fateman, and JD Samson – the band graced the Paramount Theatre, delivering an unforgettable evening of dance-infused feminist rock.

This sold-out performance featured fans of all ages united in spirited harmony, singing along with fervor to every word of tracks like “My My Metrocard” and “T.K.O.” The eagerly awaited reunion exceeded all expectations, as Hanna’s inexhaustible vitality illuminated the stage, her dance moves syncing with the band’s exuberant melodies. Some songs like 2001’s “Get Off the Internet,” where Hannah encourages people to stop posting online and take to the streets to fight right-wing fascism felt even more relevant in the social-media era than when they were originally written.

As the night unfolded, the audience was treated to a diverse selection from the band’s quartet of albums, featuring songs such as “Mediocrity Rules,” “Shred A,” & “Hot Topic.” One of the evenings highlights occurred during “What’s Yr Take on Cassavetes,” when the group popped offstage, casted off their street clothes and reappeared on stage clad in synchronized black and white checkered and striped outfits. As you can imagine the crowd went wild!

Spanning 17 songs, the band’s setlist encompassed tracks from all four albums, culminating in a two-song encore. The encore included the modernist narrative of “Phanta” and fan-favorite “Decapitation.” Even as the band call it a night, a multitude of young fans lingered by the barricade, imploring the stage hands for any set-lists, broken drumstick, or guitar pick that the band may have left behind. Who can blame them, this may be the band’s final Seattle performance until the 2030s. Hopefully the band had as much fun as the fans did and will be back in Seattle sooner rather than later.

Le Tigre – photos by Alex Crick