Show Review & Photos: King Khan & BBQ Show @ the Crocodile

King Khan & BBQ Show @ the Crocodile, 10/11/14
Show Review & Photos by Dagmar

King Khan & BBQ Show‘s King Khan/Blacksnake

Canada’s King Khan & BBQ Show took over the Crocodile for a date in early October. This was my first time seeing King Khan at all, whose garage rock shows are legendary. And good lord, did he and bandmate Mark Sultan deliver. The crowd was a raucous and happy, drunken mess of super fans, and Sultan and Blacksnake (as King Khan/Arish Ahmad Khan is known in this duo) reared a gigantic hydra head of powerfully rabid punk. If you cut heads off this monster of music, so many additional heads could grow, and keep biting your tiny ears. In a good way, of course. It’s always good for someone like me, who goes many shows, to get in touch with Danger at a show. If you like the danger of live music, with all its dirty, beer-spilling, moshing-stomping-rocking-blood could be spilled messiness, then this is a show for you. Treat yourself, and dig it.







King Khan & the BBQ Show

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