Show Preview: Tegan and Sara @ Woodland Park Zoo – Th. 8/17

Tegan and Sara @ Woodland Park Zoo – Th. 8/17
Preview by Dagmar

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Tegan and Sara – photo by Pamela Littky

The wonderful duo Tegan and Sara make an appearance tomorrow at Woodland Park Zoo as part of ZooTunes. The Canadian twins released their 10th album, Crybaby, last year plus just this year releasing their 2nd autobiographical work, Junior High. I love that they write these books. It can be so helpful for people to read about others’ experiences. And a continuing tradition in my life: this band is responsible for a huge number of Shazam searches on my phone. Seriously, whenever I hear a song I might not know and really love, it seems like 9/10 times it’s Tegan and Sara. So I obviously need to become a more thorough fan and dig into their albums. Another photographer will catch the show tomorrow for BBS, and I want to hear and see all about it! Tickets are sold out at this time but I see a few over on craigslist.