Show Preview: deadmau5 @ WaMu Theater, Fri. 4/21 & Sat. 4/22

Preview: deadmau5 @ WaMu Theater, Fri. 4/21 & Sat. 4/22

deadmau5 – photo by Matt Barnes

The brilliant deadmau5, producer of electronic house and all things awesome and electronically-based, has two shows lined up for us in Seattle: Friday, April 21st & Saturday, April 22nd. Thank you. Really, thank you. That should be enough to persuade you that you need to see these shows.

But. . . maybe you have not heard deadmau5? Joel Thomas Zimmerman is deadmau5’s person/behind stage name, and he’s got an intriguing group of people he’s worked with. Great examples include My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way, who provided vocals to “Professional Griefers,” KASKADE on the track “I Remember” (if you know any deadmau5 song immediately, most likely it’s this one), and Rob Swire singing on “Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff”. If you’re asking, so far in my deadmau5 fan life “aware” just might hit the top of my deadmau5 favorites.

These dates are just part of deadmau5’s Lots Of Shows In A Row Tour, and I’m looking right now to see about Seattle tickets. They are no sold out. Check tomorrow though, as we might be lucky and more tickets will be released? Maybe? Just maybe? And, if you have tickets, have a blast.

Now, I leave you with the smashing “Snowcone”:

Friday Ticket Link
Saturday Ticket Link