Show Preview: Bumbershoot Day 2 w/ Faith No More, Eliot Sumner & More – Sun. 9/6

Day 2 of Bumbershoot happens on Sunday, September 6th. I’ve reflected on the lineup, and come up with a few music suggestions that just might make you a happy attendee. Singer Eliot Sumner appears this day, and is one of the musicians I’m telling you to check out. She’s fabulous.

2:00 @ Starbucks Stage
Eliot Sumner

Details: Does the name Sumner ring any bells for you? It just might, as it’s the surname of the Police’s Sting. Eliot Sumner is, indeed, Sting’s daughter with Trudie Styler. I’ve been watching Sumner’s videos, and it was weird, because I couldn’t place whom she reminded me of. Some mannerisms are very Sting-esque. It’s charming.

Why You Want to See Her: But she is her own musician for sure, and I love her. Pure electronic bliss all around. Sumner’s a way high top pick of mine, so don’t miss her.

Eliot Sumner

2:30 @ Memorial Stadium
Dead Moon

Details: Oregon’s Dead Moon reunited recently, and the success of their shows has led them to stay together a little bit longer.

Why You Want to See Them: They have massive respect as an underground rock band with quirky punk goodness; they’ll kick things off on Sunday for Memorial Stadium. As drummer Andrew Loomis will not be able to play the set, Dead Moon released the following statement:

“It is with sadness that due to unforeseen health issues, Andrew Loomis is no longer able to take part in the upcoming scheduled Dead Moon shows. However, with Andrew’s blessing, Kelly Halliburton, drummer for Pierced Arrows, will be joining Dead Moon onstage for these performances. As it stands today, we plan to follow through with all scheduled DM shows. Hope to see you there. Fred & Toody”

Follow this link to help Loomis with expenses related to his cancer treatment. Kick that cancer’s ass, Loomis.

Dead Moon

4:00 @ Memorial Stadium
The Melvins

Details: The Melvins are beloved. They are particularly beloved in Seattle.
Why You Want to See Them: The Melvins are beloved. They are particularly beloved in Seattle. I had to say that again. Memorial Stadium will be a really good time with the Melvins playing.

The Melvins – photo by Monica Martinez

4:30 @ #NeverTamed
Nikki Lane

Details: Country singer-songwriter Nikki Lane performs on the #NeverTamed stage. Lane’s part of a country music called outlaw country, which includes such artists as Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson.

Why You Want to See Her: The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach liked her music so much he produced her second album, All or Nothin’. Lane sounds wonderful, and she’s a beautiful sight.

Nikki Lane – photo by Kirk Stauffer

7:45 @ the Vera Project Stage

Details: Punk/noise trio from Seattle. That descriptor noise often makes me run from whatever is applied to it. Not with CHARMS. I like their loudness.

Why You Want to See Them: Should be a very unaffected performance. CHARMS seems to have that ingredient of rawness to them, and I hope that rattles the masses.

CHARMS – photo by Bridget Elizabeth

8:15 @ Rhapsody Stage
Fox and the Law

Details: Seattle’s Fox and the Law has maintained their reputation as cream of the band crop with The Trouble With People. Why are they so great? Why? Why? They’re an incredible group.

Why You Want to Seem: Smoking hot shows and wicked sounds.

Fox and the Law‘s Guy Keltner & Patrick Dougherty- photo by Monica Martinez

8:45 @ Memorial Stadium
Faith No More

Details: Faith No More reunited, setting pulses racing everywhere. God knows my pulse raced.

Why You Want to See Them: Why the hell would you not want to see them? Their show at the Paramount in Seattle earlier this year was cathartic for FNM fans. It caused pain because, why why why did they ever have to split?, but then eased that pain with bloody great new, and older, songs.

Faith No More‘s Mike Patton – photo by Dagmar