Preview: BUMBERSHOOT!! 2017!! – Sun. 9/3

Preview: BUMBERSHOOT!! 2017!! – Sun. 9/3

Bumbershoot’s final day is tonight, Sunday, September 3rd ! First, a bit of news for you, in the form of a cancellation. Trio Haim had to call off their set today, as singer/guitarist Danielle Haim is sick with laryngitis. Haim posted a sweet note on their Facebook, while Danielle Haim left this nice video message – get better soon!

But plenty of other bands will be there, such as the following artists. It’s mostly an electronic music kind of day.

Main Stage

ODESZA @ 9:20 (headliner)

ODESZA plays its first show in the area since July’s Capitol Hill Block Party. I list them as my number one band to see at this year’s Bumbershoot, and I would expect a large number of people lining up to see them. I’m gigantically awaiting their new album, A Moment Apart. The album, with songs featuring Regina Spektor and Leon Bridges, is set for a September 8th release. Mark your calendars.



Cash Cash @ 8:55

Cash Cash

New Jersey electronic trio Cash Cash, including DJ brothers, Alex Makhlouf and Jean Paul Makhlouf, plus another DJ named Samuel Frisch, had a song out last year called “Take Me Home.” I love this song. I love the vocals by Bebe Rexha. Should be a great set.

Monster Energy Stage @ Fisher Green

HONNE @ 5:55


An English duo with a Japanese name, HONNE (meaning one’s behavior in public/following expectations), have a great sundown/outdoor set at Fisher Green. Back in 2014, The Telegraph wrote, “HONNE’s futuristic soul is destined to re-invent babymaking music.

KEXP Stage

Dave Depper @ 5:30

Dave Depper

Death Cab for Cutie’s guitarist Dave Depper played in several area groups before he joined the band. He also recorded as a solo artist, starting with The Ram Project in 2010. You might not know this. I’ve familiarized myself with his very attractive 2017 release, Emotional Freedom Technique, which came out on a Portland label. Why is that particularly interesting to me? Because the label is called Tender Loving Empire, part of a store selling quite unique things. I think that’s pretty cool.

And this isn’t a music item, but check out these wonderful rabbit figures. They are on the festival grounds:

Rabbits – photo courtesy of Bumbershoot’s Facebook page