Photos and Review: Sloan @ The Tractor

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Sloan (Jay Ferguson / Chris Murphy / Patrick Pentland / Andrew Scott) played some good ole Rock and Roll at the Tractor Tavern in Ballard on Monday night. Like most of you, I didn’t know anything about Sloan but they are immensely talented and accomplished. Originating from Halifax, Nova Scotia, they (according to a Chart Magazine readers poll) have some of the best albums ever recorded by a Canadian band. Super fan “Bruce” told me to watch how they share songwriting and instruments.

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Yep, Andrew Scott and Chris Murphy switched drums, guitar, and vocal duties. This brought a fun fresh twist to the show that the crowd really appreciated it. They played songs from their new record, Commonwealth and from their old records like Twice Removed and Peppermint.

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So what do they sound like? My thoughts were of 1970s California rock. I was struck by how each member of Sloan could really sing. They are each so talented.

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Sloan (1 of 2)

Photographer: John Rudolph