Photos: Watershed @ The Gorge Amphitheatre- Day 2

Day 2 of Watershed was a bit cooler, but high winds delayed Haley Georgia opening on the Main stage. And two hours later, just before Raelynn was to come out, the stage was shut down again and thousands had to be cleared from the bowl. All artists were able to perform though by shortening and delaying their sets. The talented Bailey Bryan started the day on the Next From Nashville stage and Jason Aldean headlined that evening on the Main stage. Like the Day 1 photos, they are in reverse chronological order.

1 ND5_5027-a-800

2 ND5_5098-a-800

3 ND5_5054-a-800

4 ND5_5096-a-800
Jason Aldean

5 ND5_5011-a-800

6 ND5_4985-a-800

7 ND5_4980-a-800
Tyler Farr

8 ND4_8304-a-800

9 ND5_4914-a-800

10 ND4_8722-a-800

11 ND4_8752-a-800
A Thousand Horses

12 ND5_4578-a-800

13 ND5_4563-a-800
Brett Young

14 ND5_4170-a-800

15 ND5_4844-a-800

16 ND5_4745-a-800

17 ND5_4807-a-800

18 ND5_4493-a-800

19 ND5_4493-a-800
Rae Solomon

20 ND4_8481-a-800

21 ND5_4415-a-800

22 ND4_8414-a-800

23 ND5_4430-a-800
JT Hodges

24 ND5_4185-a-800

25 ND4_8307-a-800
Seth Ennis

26 ND5_4958-a-800

27 ND5_4240-a-800

28 ND5_4298-a-800

29 ND5_4266-a-800
Haley Georgia

30 ND5_4082-a-800

31 ND4_8284-a-800
Bailey Bryan

32 ND4_8458-a-800