Photos: Van Halen @ the Tacoma Dome

My favorite Van Halen song is most likely “Running with the Devil.” I took photos of the first three songs of Van Halen’s show on Saturday night at the Tacoma Dome and what did they play second? “Running with the Devil,” of course. So while I didn’t get to have my own little freak-out to that song when I got to my seat, I had the privilege of taking photos of this seminal band. I’m going to judge every person reading here – if you do not like at least one Van Halen song, you’re missing something. “Beautiful Girls,” “Unchained,” “Ain’t Talkin’ ’bout Love,” oh you know. A very fine moment during the show, next to the awesome drum and guitar solos, was David Lee Roth introducing “Ice Cream Man” by talking about his dog herding hobby. He likes dogs!

Van Halen – all photos by Dagmar

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