Photos: Upstream Music Festival 2018 – Day Two

Upstream Music Festival 2018 – Day Two, 6/2
Photos by Kirk Stauffer

Zola Jesus

In June, Upstream Music Fest + Summit drew over 30,000 attendees to the Pioneer Square district of Seattle for three days of music. The festival featured over 200 performers, many from the Northwest, in 15+ venues and twin outdoor Sound Lot main stages. Over 30 buskers performed throughout Pioneer Square.

Elise Trouw

Zola Jesus

Whitney Lyman

Allison Preisinger

Maiah Wynne & Her Sleepness Knights

Allison Shirk

Mother Of Pearl / Christa Wells

Misundvrstood and Gypsy Temple

Tekla Waterfield

Jean Deaux

Heather Thomas & Dune Butler

Kristen Marlo

Micaiah Sawyer

Debbie Miller

Great Grandpa


Star Meets Sea