Photos: The Glitch Mob @ Showbox Market

What’s better than two magnificent drummers playing different beats at the same time? Try three. All playing something different and yet sounding so awesome. This was part of went down at the Glitch Mob‘s recent show in Seattle, along with the fabulous multi-instrument talent of each band member. Screens were filled with way out footage of things like a praying mantis and shooting gas pumps in a sweet night I remember with major fondness. Their debut CD, Drink the Sea, is out now.

glitchmob 192

glitchmob 016

glitchmob 053

glitchmob 457

glitchmob 113

glitchmob 303

glitchmob 207

glitchmob 315

glitchmob 418

glitchmob 468

glitchmob 567

glitchmob 425

glitchmob 326

glitchmob 368

glitchmob 160
The Glitch Mob – all photos by Dagmar

Gallery of the Glitch Mob @ Showbox Market