Photos & Show Review: Lady Sovereign @ the Crocodile

I caught Lady Sovereign at the Crocodile recently and wow, I really love this woman. She’s charming, talented, beautiful and smart. She came out in a Married to the Mob sweatshirt, then stripped down into a Married to the Mob T-shirt, and eventually to a purple tank top. She borrowed an audience member’s brush to fix her hair, she poured Heineken on the crowd – including about a whole bottle on my head. I can think of few people whom I wouldn’t mind doing this. She’s one of them. She made fun of herself without it sounding like an elaborate wind-up. And yes, she also did some great songs such as Love Me or Hate Me, I Got You Dancing, So Human and a very punk show-stopper Public Warning. I took some photos:

all photos by Dagmar
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