Photos: KISW’s Pain In The Grass – Disturbed, Breaking Benjamin, Anthrax (Part 1)

KISW always puts on a great show with their metal festival called Pain In The Grass, bringing out metal heavyweights like Disturbed, Anthrax, and Alter Bridge. They filled the second stage with slightly less-known acts like Radkey and 9Electric.

The party-like atmosphere of the show was fantastic. Fans were completely kitted out with black leather and lace. It was like Comic Con for the metal set.


untitled shoot-9163

untitled shoot-8926

untitled shoot-8953

untitled shoot-9095

untitled shoot-9106

untitled shoot-9195

untitled shoot-7763-2

untitled shoot-8918

Breaking Benjamin
untitled shoot-8672

untitled shoot-9046

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Photographer: John Rudolph