Photos: Gary Numan @ the Neptune; Numan Returns Tues. Oct. 2 @ the Neptune

Gary Numan @ the Neptune – 11/22/17; Numan Returns Tues., Oct. 2 @ the Neptune

Gary Numan

Gary Numan comes back to Seattle on Tuesday, October 2nd. I am super excited to see him again at the Neptune as it was a great venue for him last November. The stunning performer – he’s held icon status since he first became a popular musician, sometimes it just happens that way – plays a tough electronic genre. Industrial perhaps? Or, at times, synth perhaps? I don’t know where I would specifically but the genre, but it’s a fantastic, strong mix. Even versions of his older material get roughed up in a great way. In 2017, in an awesome moment, we got to hear his daughter sing beautifully live on “My Name Is Ruin,” a track from Savage (Songs from a Broken World). I don’t think sublime is too big of a description for all things Gary Numan.

Gary Numan and Persia Numan

Gary Numan

As always, the Neptune has a handy place for you to get tickets in advance.