Photos: Foxy Shazam @ Bumbershoot

And now we’ve completed our coverage of Bumbershoot 2012 with Foxy Shazam, the awesome band from Cincinnati. I love them so much I am wearing a Foxy Shazam T-shirt as I type – no lie. I am also thrilled to share these photos as my photos I took of the band when they opened for the Darkness got destroyed when two hard drives were infected by a malicious virus. It was gutting. So, enjoy photos of the band by me, Simon Krane and Kirk Stauffer:

Foxy Shazam – photos by Dagmar

Foxy Shazam – photos by Simon Krane

Foxy Shazam – photos by Kirk Stauffer

More of Dagmar’s Photos of Foxy Shazam @ Bumbershoot