Photos: Escondido @ the Tractor

Escondido, a folk rock duo from Nashville, Tennessee, headlined the Tractor in April. Jessica Maros, from Vancouver, Canada, who worked with Band of Horses’ Bill Reynolds in another pairing, KUZIN, and Taylor James, a Mount Vernon, Washington-born touring band member of several bands, including Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes, comprise the band. See what great combinations can be made? Escondido returned to Seattle with a September Bumbershoot appearance (we’ll have photos of that show too!), but first, Escondido photos by Tino Tran:

Escondido 01

Escondido 02

Escondido 03

Escondido 04

Escondido 05

Escondido 06

Escondido 07
Escondido – photos by Tino Tran