Photos: Electric Six @ Chop Suey

I have a long and boring story I could share about why it took me so long to get these photos ready. Basically it involves my camera deciding to shoot only in the RAW and making it very difficult to edit these photos. Anyway, I love Electric Six and want them to return when my camera decides to behave itself again -and it will. Anytime. Anytime. My photos of one of the best bands, ever:

elsix 108.CR2

elsix 154.CR2

elsix 153.CR2

elsix 024.CR2

elsix 070.CR2

elsix 100.CR2

elsix 211.CR2

elsix 028.CR2

elsix 115.CR2

elsix 122.CR2

elsix 171.CR2

elsix 152.CR2