Photos and Review: Florence and The Machine with St. Vincent @ KeyArena

Florence and The Machine

Florence and The Machine played a flawless performance with the eminently talented St. Vincent to a somewhat eclectic crowd at KeyArena.

Florence Welch is a waify and super energetic dancer with the voice of an angel. She sang and danced with a fairy-esque persona, spinning and running around the artfully scalloped stage. That stage was a huge part of this wonderful show with graceful elegance that accentuated her movement. The stage was draped with white cloth hanging from the rafters. I feel the stage and the draped cloth represented a sailing ships hull with the “sails” seemingly blowing is a calm wind.

Florence and her band were dressed in long dresses and fashionable suits. Even their instruments were of a high caliber wood like that was reflected on the stage.

Florence’s voice is so powerful and clean. While I was sitting in my assigned seat after photographing the show, I was amazed by her tone.

She was a little political when she described her heart hurting politically and socially. She said change starts with all of us. At that moment, Florence asked everyone to hold hands in solidarity. She soon after asked the crowd to embrace and tell each out that they love each other. This show was all about loving each other and letting go of past hurt, injustice, and distress.

I have to say that listening to her harmony with her back up singers and her musicians, Florence’s performance put a lump in my throat. She is so great live, and her next show should not be missed.

Florence and The Machine – High As Hope
St. Vincent – Masseduction

St. Vincent