Photos: Keane @ the Moore

Keane is one of my favorite groups ever. I place their songs right up there with a few of my other all-time favorites, the Beatles, a-ha and early Bee Gees. This is high praise from me as the music from these artists, and Keane, is just holy in its very existence and melody. I took some photos tonight at Keane’s show – as always more photos on their way with a full gallery but I wanted to get some out as fast as I could!

all photos by Dagmar

Photos: Bat for Lashes @ Neumos

Bat for Lashes played an ethereal concert at Neumos, Wednesday 26 August, supported by Oklahoma band Other Lives.

Other Lives

Neumos was the perfect intimate venue for such a lineup, and Other Lives’ frontman Jesse Tabish used it to his advantage.  The band featured a prominent string section with both a violin and a cello, and complimented with an organ, piano and intricate guitar melodies.


I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this wasn’t a one-trick twee ensemble, no matter how much plaid was on display.  To the contrary, the band produced an immense wall of sound that I found both engaging and experimental.  I will definitely be keeping an eye on this band – their self-title debut album is available now.


Having warmed up the crowd, Natasha Khan took to the stage as one truly comfortable and in their element.  Touring band members were Sarah Jones on drums, Ben Christophers on organ/autoharp, and Charlotte Hatherley on bass/guitar – if her name rings a bell, note that she is a former member if Irish rockers Ash, as well as a solo artist in her own right.


The stage was decked out to create the kind of haunting wonderland in which so many of Bat for Lashes’ songs are set – lit tealight candles were placed around the stage, as well as three Virgin Marys, a solitary Jesus Christ figurine, and this charming raven.  Fairy lights crept their way up amplifiers, and lengths of tinsel coiled around mic stands.  The kitchy kooky decor was completed with a huge backdrop depicting – what else? – a howling wolf emblazoned in velvet.


The crowd was captivated as Khan presented offerings from both albums, in a fairly short set.  Quickly kicking off her shoes, Khan proved to have a confident stage presence as she fluidly twirled and writhed around the small stage; caught up in her own uninhibited wavelength.


If Bat for Lashes is another of Khan’s alter-egos, then it should be noted that she is unwavering when staying in character.


Highlights included ‘Sarah’, ‘The Wizard’, and ‘What’s a Girl To Do?’.  Sultry, bass-heavy percussion complemented Khan’s voice perfectly, and the live backing band added an extra dimension that rounds out Bat for Lashes a little more than her recorded offerings.  Hatherley provided backing vocals, as well as accompanying Khan while they shared a piano earlier in the set.





  1. Intro
  2. Glass
  3. Sleep Alone
  4. Horse & I
  5. Travelling Woman
  6. Siren Song
  7. Wizard
  8. Trophy
  9. Sad Eyes
  10. Tahiti
  11. What’s A Girl To Do
  12. Pearl’s Dream


  1. Prescilla
  2. Good Love
  3. Moon & Moon
  4. Two Planets
  5. Daniel

You can view more photos from this concert here.

By Nicky Andrews

CD Review: Fight Like Apes’ You Filled His Head With Fluffy Clouds And Jolly Ranchers, What Did You Think Was Going to Happen?

Ireland’s Fight Like Apes have released a few EPs and now one full length CD. I’ve got one of their EPs, You Filled His Head With Fluffy Clouds And Jolly Ranchers, What Did You Think Was Going To Happen? Besides making me want Jolly Ranchers, cinnamon Jolly Ranchers perhaps, it makes me feel really great. I normally don’t like high register voices but singer MayKay’s vocals are raunchy and gnarled. She gets that shriek right up there.

Lend Me Your Face starts out straight away with: Lend me your face/I’ll bust it up and I’ll replace it. It’s a rant for sure, but it’s aggressive and mighty. Their cover of Mclusky’s Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues is fabulous. I say this as a Mclusky fan and one that often freaks out in negative way over cover versions. Knucklehead is a hilarious romantic duet. They sing about just hanging out and watching TV: You’re spending teatime with Fran Drescher/ . . . Robot sluts and fucked up pets/You’re such a mess. The squeakiness of Can Head just floors me: goodness me it’s fish and chips . . . It’s so happy. And then in Snore Bore they show again that they can make more than one type of music. MayKay’s voice goes gentle and sweet. She can do it all.

You Filled His Head With Fluffy Clouds And Jolly Ranchers, What Did You Think Was Going to Happen? (Model Citizen Records)

And here’s the video for Lend Me Your Face, directed by Briin Bernstein

Video: Julian Plenti’s Games for Days

Always eagle-eyed Music Slut just posted the video for Julian Plenti’s Games for Days. It’s got hotel trashing in it. I don’t encourage that but hell, it’s a video. And isn’t that one of the dudes from Mad Men at the hotel desk? Not sure.

Julian Plenti is Paul Banks. I received the CD, Skyscraper, a bit ago and will review it soon. It is brilliant – of course it’s brilliant, it’s Paul Banks. I make no secret that I love Interpol and Paul Banks’ voice and lyrics. So there.

Here’s the video: