Photos & Gallery: Pet Shop Boys @ the Moore

As promised I have more photos of Pet Shop Boys and the link to a fuller gallery. What a cool show this was – complete with dancers dressed as buildings. As extraordinary as the entire production was, the most important parts to me though were, naturally, the Pet Shop Boys themselves. Favorite songs of the set? Pandemonium/Can You Forgive Her?, New York City Boy, Why Don’t We Live Together? and Left to My Own Devices.

all photos by Dagmar

Gallery of Pet Shop Boys @ the Moore

Photos & Gallery: Franz Ferdinand @ Bumbershoot

I first saw Franz Ferdinand about five years ago at the Crocodile. The stage was pretty much at eye level and though I have seen them at different venues over the years it was still shocking to see them on Memorial Stadium’s stage. This stage was about 15 feet tall at least and the difference was obviously striking. Also striking was the insane audience – I’m talking about you, out of control teenagers leaping over the barriers. As a band Franz Ferdinand needs to prove nothing – they’ve consistently proved their greatness through their music and performance. All they have to do now is to keep doing it, please and thank you.

Gallery of Franz Ferdinand @ Bumbershoot, page 1
Gallery of Franz Ferdinand @ Bumbershoot, page 2