Less Than Jake delivers a tenacious and spirited performance to a sold-out crowd at The Showbox

Less Than Jake w/ the Toasters
Photos by Alex Crick

Less Than Jake brings a jolt of electrifying energy to The Showbox as they commemorate the 25th Anniversary of Welcome to Rockville – photo by Alex Crick

Less Than Jake recently brought their all-ages show to Seattle’s renowned Showbox venue. The crowd was engaged in a frenzy of singing, dancing, moshing, and thoroughly enjoying themselves. Meanwhile co-lead singers Chris DeMakes and Roger Lima exhibited boundless energy which was perfectly matched by trombonist Buddy Schaub darting around the stage and hyping up the sold-out crowd. The band is presently on tour, commemorating the 25th Anniversary of their iconic 1988 pop-punk album titled Welcome to Rockview.

Less Than Jake – photos by Alex Crick

The Toasters – photos by Alex Crick