CD Review: K.Flay

I saw San Francisco’s K.Flay perform live in Seattle in October and I was totally attracted to her words, beats and performance. K.Flay (otherwise known as Stanford graduate Kristine Flaherty) is a radiant artist whose words and music hooked me right in. She’s released one EP with five songs each as delectable as the next. Leading off with “No Duh,” K.Flay rapid fires with making every boy’s package happy call me Almond Joy/ sharp shooter aim impeccable, roll with Dewey decimal/ the dopest animal from here to Senegal/ flow so menstrual I need a tampon on the track and ends with tell me that I’m fresh I’m like no duh. “Messin with My Head” starts off with the chorus fuck you and everything you said it was all lies, messin with my head. Yes, that’s the chorus, and it’s catchy and great. The song displays a broken heart (Is it the way you touched my shoulder blades/ how you just seemed to fill in all the blanks/ when I pushed you pulled, you always made me feel so beautiful). “So Fast, So Maybe” speeds things up again with a perfect pace. K.Flay’s elocution and rhythm are right on: if you like S&M go choke a bitch. “Anywhere But Here” shows again K.Flay’s lyrical and musical chops: I don’t see nothing wrong with feeling like I don’t belong/ anywhere but here/ I can’t find nothing right with feeling like I won’t survive/ so make this disappear/ and let me just fly, high, high away. She’s also got a lilting and sensitive voice when she sings the chorus. The last track, “Acetaminophen,” just might be the best. It twists K.Flay’s voice at times and its lyrics slap the music (got drugs in my purse and stars in my eyes . . . you only like me when you’re drunk/all us girls we look the same). San Francisco is so lucky.

K.Flay – EP