Photos: Jessie J, Ro James & Kiane Ledé @ the Showbox

Jesse J, Ro James & Kiane Ledé @ the Showbox, 10/6/18
Photos by Alex Crick
Memory Lane Series, part 59

Jesse J – photos by Alex Crick
Ro James – photos by Alex Crick
Kiane Ledé – photos by Alex Crick

Video: Halsey’s “Nightmare”

Artist: Halsey
Video: “Nightmare”
Why You Want to Watch: Wow, the many looks of Halsey, and they’re all beautiful. This female-empowering video was directed by Hannah Lux Davis. She’s directed videos by Ariana Grande, Jesse J, and many other female musicians. Several slogans pop up here, such as “You Smile, Asshole,” “It’s Our Turn,” while Debbie Harry makes a cameo. Model/actress Cara Delevingne appears too!

Screenshot of Halsey’s “Nightmare” video

Photos: LÉON @ Neptune Theater

Swedish pop singer-songwriter LÉON (aka Lotta Lindgren) played a sold-out show at Neptune Theater during a stop in her headlining US tour.  Backed by a three-member band, she’s on the road in support of her self-titled debut studio album, which was preceded by four EPs.



Photos: Failure, Swervedriver & NO WIN @ El Corazon

Swervedriver, Failure & NO WIN @ El Corazon, 4/19/19
Photos by Lisa Hagen Glynn

Failure headlined, while Swervedriver opened at El Corazon in April. This fantastic double bill gave an audience a chance to see awesome bands who have split up, gotten back together and reformed in different lineups a few times. That can be stressful for fans, and of course, the bands as well! And what a great surprise it was for these two groups to pop up in Seattle. Each of them released new material very recently: Failure’s In the Future Your Body Will Be the Furthest Thing from Your Mind saw a release date of November 2018; Swervedriver’s Future Ruins was an early 2019 release. Also included are photos of NO WIN.

Swervedriver – photos by Lisa Hagen Glynn

Failure – photos by Lisa Hagen Glynn

NO WIN – photos by Lisa Hagen Glynn

Photos: Flora Cash & lovelytheband @ the Neptune

Flora Cash & lovelytheband @ the Neptune, 4/20/19
Photos by John Rudolph

Shpresa Lleshaj of Flora Cash – photo by John Rudolph

Flora Cash opened for loveleytheband in Seattle on April 20th. The Neptune appearance was part of lovelytheband’s Finding It Hard To Smile Tour, which gets its name from that band’s debut album. Flora Cash, comprised of Swedish singer Shpresa Lleshaj and guitarist Cole Randall, from Minneapolis, (they met via SoundCloud) are an item off stage as well. They married in 2014! Their 2019 EP, Press is getting great reviews, so do check them out. ~Dagmar

Flora Cash – photos by John Rudolph
lovelytheband – photos by John Rudolph
Fans at lovelytheband & Flora Cash – photos by John Rudolph