Music: Song Premiere – “C. Burns” by Vicious Petals

We have a song premiere from Seattle’s Vicious Petals! The track, “C. Burns,” is straight off the Ryan Hadlock-produced (ahem, the Lumineers) debut LP, Main Street Lights, and it does indeed recall Billy Joel. I mention this because the group’s presser mentioned Joel, and, while sometimes comparisons in press releases just don’t vibe with what you hear, in this case, you can hear some fine Joel inspiration. There’s the effective vocals of Cooper Smith, plus horns and piano. And an incredibly infectious melody. Smith, who shares songwriting duties with the other half (but not lesser) of Vicious Petals, Ayako Okano, moved to Seattle from Memphis. Okano has likewise become a Seattleite; in her case, she made that trip from Japan. The song, which Ayako aptly describes as “a piano party,” is a tribute to a late friend of Cooper’s.

Main Street Lights comes out on August 26th, with a release party set for August 27th at the Sunset. Join them.

Vicious Petals by Steve Korn
Vicious Petals – photo by Steve Korn



Photos: Sarah Jarosz @ Neptune Theatre

Americana singer-songwriter Sarah Jarosz headlined at the Neptune Theatre in support of her fourth studio album, Undercurrent, which was released in June. Equally excellent on guitar, banjo and mandolin, Jarosz was backed by Jedd Hughes (guitar) and Jeff Picker (bass). The intimate seated show at the packed theater was very well received – and her performance ended with a well-deserved standing ovation. Hip Hatchet, fronted by Portland-based Philippe Bronchtein, opened and was a huge hit as well.

1 ND5_6989-a

2 ND5_6882-a

3 ND5_6966-a

4 ND5_6934-a

5 ND5_6858-a

6 ND5_6958-a

7 ND5_6982-a

8 ND5_6902-a

9 ND5_7019-a

10 ND5_7036-a

11 ND5_6977-a

12 ND5_6895-a

13 ND5_6948-a

14 ND5_7000-a

15 ND5_6880-a

16 ND5_7022-a

17 ND5_6918-a

18 ND5_6914-a

19 ND5_6996-a

20 ND5_6925-a

21 ND5_6851-a

22 ND5_6915-a

23 ND5_7064-a
Sarah Jarosz

24 ND5_6816-a

25 ND5_6799-a

26 ND5_6774-a
Hip Hatchet


Photos: Watershed @ The Gorge Amphitheatre – Day 3

The weather for Day 3 of the Watershed country music festival was even more pleasant than the preceding days – and the crowd was a bit drunker. Six artists performed on the Next From Nashville stage and six more on the Main stage. Keith Urban closed the festival and his set culminated with fireworks above the stage. Like the previous days’ photos, they are in reverse chronological order. Sign me up to cover Watershed again next year!

1 ND5_6012-a-800

2 ND5_6074-a-800

3 ND5_6014-a-800

4 ND5_6120-a-800
Keith Urban

5 ND5_5824-a-800

6 ND5_5846-a-800
Aaron Lewis

7 ND4_9408-a-800

8 ND5_5960-a-800

9 ND4_9284-a-800

10 ND5_5907-a-800
Brett Eldredge

11 ND5_5668-a-800

12 ND4_9058-a-800
Aaron Watson

13 ND5_3847-b-800

14 ND5_5689-a-800

15 ND4_9107-a-800

16 ND5_5711-a-800
David Nail

17 ND5_5642-a-800

18 ND5_5634-a-800
Tara Thompson

19 ND4_8947-a-800

20 ND5_5576-a-800

21 ND5_5561-a-800

22 ND5_5557-a-800
Brothers Osborne

23 ND5_5549-a-800

24 ND5_5556-a-800
Russell Dickerson


26 ND5_5465-a-800

27 ND5_5454-a-800

28 ND5_5479-a-800
Maren Morris

29 ND5_5406-a-800

30 ND4_8930-a-800
Royal Bliss

31 ND4_9172-a-800

32 ND5_5281-a-800

33 ND4_8908-a-800

34 ND5_5288-a-800
Brooke Eden

35 ND5_5163-a-800

36 ND5_5163-a-800
Aubrie Sellers

37 ND5_5767-a-800


Music: Tennis’ “Ladies Don’t Play Guitar”

Band: Tennis

Tennis‘ Alaina Moore & Patrick Riley

Song:Ladies Don’t Play Guitar
Why You Want to Listen: Denver, Colorado’s duo Tennis (Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley) has released a brand new track. The song, “Ladies Don’t Play Guitar,” kicks major ass. Singer/songwriter/keyboardist Moore says:

“Ladies Don’t Play Guitar” was the first line I wrote after finishing Ritual In Repeat. It reflects all the times I was told to ‘get out from behind the keyboard and be a front person’–as though my instrument was a prop rather than sonically integral–to smile more, to make eye contact with my bandmates during a show, to look more like I’m ‘having a good time,’ or the many instances in which my writing credits were mistakenly attributed to my husband. I took a very intentional break from songwriting until I felt like I had something to say. Finally, I do.”


Photos: Monolord @ Barboza

Swedish rock trio Monolord performed at Seattle’s Barboza last week. When asked in There’s Something Hard in There about Monolord, guitarist/singer Thomas V Jäger replied, “We are just three guys that like to play heavy music, drink coffee and touring.” Cool! I’m not sure if there’s going to be another Monolord album or EP this year, but they did just release, as in yesterday, “Lord of Suffering/Die in Haze.” All Seattle (which happened to be the start of the North American tour) photos by Jonathan Leung: