Photos: Diana Krall @ Paramount Theater

Diana Krall was in fine form last week during a stop at the Paramount Theater in support of her most recent album Glad Rag Doll, which features songs from the 1920s and 1930s. The Paramount was the perfect setting for her tour – it has that vaudeville era feel that Krall’s album captures. Backed by a five-musician band, the two-time Grammy-winning jazz singer and pianist incorporated silent movies and props into her show, such as her father’s gramophone.
















Diana Krall – all photos by Kirk Stauffer


Show Review & Photos: Yellow Ostrich, Pattern is Movement & Thumpers @ Barboza

Yellow Ostrich, Pattern is Movement & Thumpers @ Barboza, 3/22/14
Show Review & photos by Abby Williamson

Yellow Ostrich‘s Alex Schaaf

It’s not often that I go into a show knowing little to nothing about a band. This was one of those times. And I’m ashamed to say that, because what I discovered was a fantastic band that is highly underrated – Yellow Ostrich. What drew me to see Yellow Ostrich in the first place? Well the drummer, Michael Tapper used to play in another band I love, and I’d never seen him play so I thought, “hey what the heck I’ll check out their stuff.” And their stuff is great, I’m telling you.

But to start off the show at Barboza was English Sub Poppers Thumpers, who killed it. Think St Lucia with a dash of Local Natives, but with all the British charm. With such a cramped room like Barboza, their energetic sound almost – pardon my cliché – raised the roof. I seriously suggest checking these guys out for your summer playlists, they’re all around fun times.

The next group was such a surprise that by the end of their set that I wasn’t even sure what I’d just experienced. Pattern is Movement, hailing from Pennsylvania, apparently has been around since 2001. Where have I been? This duo of keyboard and drums – not to mention singer’s Andrew Thiboldeaux understated sexy falsetto – made the crowd just stop and listen. If I wasn’t blown away enough – they broke into a cover of D’Angelo’s “Untitled (How Does It Feel).” And it was real good. Real good and real sexy.

After everyone had a chance to cool down, so to speak, Yellow Ostrich took the stage. Playing a good selection of songs off their phenomenal new record Cosmos (which I purchased after the show), they also played some older ones that seemed to get the crowd pretty excited. “Marathon Runner” was a particularly catchy tune, and “Ghost” brought the sultry grooves back. Singer Alex Schaaf’s tenders vocals paired with the multi-talented Michael Tapper on basically every kind of percussion available made for such a dynamic show that I was disappointed when it ended. I wanted them to keep playing. And it was an early show, so I was wide awake and ready for more.

I can say that I’m no longer uninformed in the world of Yellow Ostrich, and really thankful that I accidentally found out about that show when scrolling through Tumblr last month. Thanks Internet.











Yellow Ostrich






Pattern is Movement







Music: Android Amaker, Ace Reporter & Pillar Point

New music this week includes awesome tunes from Android Amaker, Ace Reporter and Pillar Point. When I heard each one of these songs I had one of those omg freak out moments.

Android Amaker, a collaboration including Seattle musicians Brent Amaker (Brent Amaker and the Rodeo), Vox Mod and P Smoov (Mad Rad, Fresh Espresso), gives us “I’m the One,” a sharp and slinky tune if there ever was one. They call it music “for fans of robots and westerns,” that’s fair! Mythos behind the band has stories of space bandits and alien overlords, with things we can all relate to such as the lyrics, “I can see you’ve got a problem, we can have that fixed by tomorrow.”

Android Amaker – photo by Frank Correa

Chicago’s Ace Reporter released “Trouble,” a track off their debut, Yearling, which sounds as if it will be a hot hot hot record. They’re touring parts of the East Coast, and I so wish they were headed to Seattle. They’re melodic and moving. You can also listen to “Saints & Angels” below. Look for and extended version of Yearling, Yearling XL available on April 22nd!

Ace Reporter – photo by Chris Semel

I’ve made no secret that I am massively in love with Pillar Point, and you can see why when he plays Sasquatch Festival, Neumos, and heads out on a May tour. I got to see Pillar Point at Neumos recently and can recommend that you see him. The album is perfect.

Pillar Point


Photos: Volbeat with Trivium and Digital Summer @ The Paramount

If you were looking for a night of hard-hitting head-banging Metal, the Paramount was the place to be. Volbeat led a great lineup of bands with Digital Summer and Trivium easily holding their own. All three bands sounded terrific and they each knew how to work the crowd. Any one of these bands could headline their own show.

Singer Screaming (1 of 1)

I’ve seen Volbeat three times in the past few years and I look forward to them every time they come to Seattle. Volbeat has such a diverse collection of music while never abandoning their core fans. You can hear rockabilly, thrash, and alt-country rock all in the same concert and you alway want more. They are such a tight band and they are real showmen. They seem like they really appreciate their fans and I know their fans appreciate them. I should know because I’ve been a fan since I first saw them at Gigantour with Megadeth and Motorhead.

This is the part where I would normally highlight their latest record. This time, I say check them all out because they are all great.

Lead Guitar (1 of 1)-2

Singer (1 of 1)-2

Singer3 (1 of 1)-001

Singer and Drummer (1 of 1)-2

Singer and Drummer and Lead (1 of 1)-001

Volbeat (1 of 1)-004

Bass (1 of 1)

Bass (1 of 1)-004

Trivium Singer (1 of 1)-2

Trivium Singer (1 of 1)-5

Trivium and Guitar (1 of 1)

Trivium and Photographers (1 of 1)

Trivium Guitar (1 of 1)

Trivium Lead Guitar (1 of 1)

Bassist (1 of 1)-001

Guitar (1 of 1)-001

Lead Guitar (1 of 1)-3

Lead Guitar and Singer (1 of 1)

Lead Guitar and Singer (1 of 1)-003

Lead Guitar4 (1 of 1)

Lead Singer and Drummer (1 of 1)-001

Sing and Lead (1 of 1)

Singer  (1 of 1)

Singer  (1 of 1)-2

Singer and Bassist (1 of 1)-2
Digital Summer

Photographer: John Rudolph


Show Preview: Chromeo @ Showbox at the Market, Wed. 4/16

Canadian duo Chromeo return to Seattle on Wednesday, April 16th to headline Showbox at the Market. Band members Dave 1 and P-Thugg will release their fourth album, White Women, on May 12th, so I’d expect some brand new tunes for this show – the first song off White Women, “Jealous (I Ain’t With It)” sounds very, very promising. It’s been ten years since Chromeo’s founding and debut, and they’ve remained an awesome presence in music. Also they’re the first band I think of when someone says, hey, are any musicians professors? (Dave 1, aka, David Macklovitch, has taught at Barnard College). Wear some good dancing shoes, and enjoy the synth/electronic/disco romp that is Chromeo.

Chromeo – photo by Tim Saccenti