Photos: Sound Off! Semifinals # 1 @ MoPOP

Sound Off! began its sixteenth year on Friday, February 10th. The competition, which included Cult Bride (indie/folk), Fluencie (dance), Jason McCue (folk) and Mission 253 (pop), was the first held under the building’s new name, MoPOP. EMP is no longer! Long live MoPop. Jason McCue won semifinals one, while Fluencie came in at runner-up. All […]

Photos: Sound Off! 2016 Semifinals #3 @ EMP

EMP hosted its annual Sound Off! competition on February 27th. The Semifinals #3 made Dre’zy and too Smoove the winner (and audience favorite!), and LEE the runner up. The event is always a favorite here at Back Beat Seattle. Enjoy photographer Simon Krane’s photos of Dre’zy and too Smoove, LEE, and the other two Semifinals […]

Photos: Sound Off! 2016 Semifinals #2 @ EMP

February 20th, 2016 found EMP hosting Sound Off!‘s semifinals number 2. R&b singer-songwriter Paris Alexa won first place, while psychedelic artist Animal Camera got the second place spot. Congrats to them and to Travis Thompson (Audience Favorite!) and Crews for battling it out. All photos by Simon Krane: Paris Alexa Animal Camera Travis Thompson Crews

Photos: Sound Off! 2016 Semifinals #1 @ EMP

Sound Off! 2016 Semifinals have begun!!! Seattle’s COSMOS, Vancouver, BC’s Jazzy Tee, Woodinville, WA’s Copalis, and Lake Forest Park, WA’s Party Shark were the first bands to perform in this year’s annual competition at the EMP Museum. COSMOS came out on top with their R&B/hip-hop sound. In second place was some more R&B/hip-hop, Jazzy Tee. […]

Photos: Sound Off! Finals

The final competition of EMP’s Sound Off! awarded the first place spot to One Above Below None, a hip hop trio from Renton, Washington. Congratulations, OABN! Don’t feel bad though for the second place winners, Naked Giants, they grabbed a slot on this year’s Timber! Music Festival Lineup. As always, well done to everybody who […]