Show Review & Photos: Wrabel w/ Molly Kate Kestner @ the Triple Door

Wrabel w/ Molly Kate Kestner @ the Triple Door, 3/14/17
Show Review & Photos by John Rudolph

Appearing onstage in a purple jacket, gold slip on shoes, and with a grand piano, singer-songwriter Wrabel displayed a beautifully soaring voice which had an almost haunting quality.

He was a very playful soul who shared his life experiences, and his past loves, in song and personal anecdotes. Wrabel took the time to explain how his romances inspired his music, and in some cases, didn’t.

Wrabel joked that if the person you are with asks if the song is about him, always answer that it’s just a song. He had a fun back and forth with his equally fun audience. Late in the show, Wrabel reminisced playing at the Washington State Fair and having an earthquake burger and elephant ears. The crowd cracked up every time he relayed his stories.

Wrabel’s “Ten Feet Tall,” featuring Afrojack and “Ritual,” featuring Marshmellow can be found at Wrabel Music.


Molly Kate Kestner