Show Review & Photos: The Good Hurt, Furniture Girls & City Faire @ the Crocodile

The Good Hurt, Furniture Girls & City Faire @ the Crocodile, 10/5
Show Review & Photos by Heather Fitzpatrick

The Good Hurt

The Good Hurt headlined the Crocodile on October 5th and brought along local bands Furniture Girls and City Faire to round out the bill. The Good Hurt was celebrating not only the end of their West Coast tour with a home town gig on a coveted Friday night, but also had reason to celebrate by featuring a bunch of new material their Seattle fans had yet to hear. The new songs were upbeat and playful, and the crowd’s reaction gave the band what they were looking for: cheers and yells of encouragement to let them know their new music was just what they’d envisioned. They ended the show with a birthday celebration of sorts, and not at all what you’d expect. Birthday boy and The Good Hurt drummer, Aaron Ameen leapt from behind the drum kit and took center stage, and with mic in hand performed the vocals as the band performed Sheryl Crow’s “If It Makes You Happy” to a huge round of applause. This show made the crowd happy. Now the guys will go into the studio later this fall to produce the new tunes, which will make everyone happy.

The Good Hurt

City Faire

Furniture Girls