Show Review & Photos: Greg Laswell & Elizabeth Ziman @ the Tractor

Greg Laswell @ the Tractor, 6/3
Show Review & Photos by Heather Fitzpatrick

A few years back, I missed seeing a musician at the Tractor because I was unable to buy tickets before they sold out. After the show I decided to look on YouTube to see if anyone had posted any videos from the show. There were some, but unfortunately, they had so much “bar noise” it was hard to decipher the musicians’ lyrics and melody. A year later, I went to a show at the Tractor, and I was in awe that when these musicians played, you could hear a pin drop. I must say, this happened again on Sunday when Greg Laswell took the stage. Not only did he play songs off previous albums – and new ones off of his latest CD, Landline – but within those songs, he played not one, not two, but three completely unplugged, and you could again hear a pin drop in the venue. Seattle holds a special place for him, as he uses our city in a few songs. When he’s asked if he changes the names of the city, depending what city he’s playing in, he says, “No. Why would I change it? It’s about Seattle, not another city.”

Greg Laswell

Laswell is known for a singing covers, hence his prior CD release, Covers. He chose to play Kate Bush’s “This Woman’s Work,” solo onstage at his keyboard. Along with his band, he was also joined onstage by Elizabeth Ziman or Elizabeth and The Catapult, who opened the evening and then sang BGV with Greg’s band, including taking on the Sara Bareilles part on his hit single, “Come Back Down.” For all of you under 21 crowd that may have missed him this time around, he says his next tour should include an all-ages show in Seattle. Until then, he encourages you all to follow him on twitter, and when you’re having at @greglaswell kind of day, whatever you consider that to be, tweet him. Especially if you’re enjoying (or not) a Dorito Taco. He’d love to hear about that.

Greg Laswell

Elizabeth Ziman