Photos and Review: WAR @ Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley

Psychologists say that stimulating the senses can invoke memories of past events. When you walk by the local bakery and smell the fragrance of that piping hot pie in the window you’re immediately transported to a wonderful place when you enjoyed such a confection. You hear that song come on the radio and your heart skips a step. The infectious beats of funk-filled Jazz Alley on Thursday night when the socially conscious band, WAR, invaded Seattle for the first of 8 shows over 4 days.

My wife Kim and I walked down the steps after entering Jazz Alley and the first person that we met was Marcos Reyes, Latin drummer of WAR. He greeted us with a warm smile, thanked us for coming, and wished us a great time. We told him that we couldn’t wait until WAR took the stage.

Lonnie Jordan and the band eased onto the stage with that smooth elegance that only a seasoned funk band can. Everyone in the audience had their favorite songs, and with over 50 million records sold, the night was filled with greatest hits.

When we met Marcos at the front door, I told him that my job was to take photos; however, he should be warned that the funk may take over. It did, and Kim and I enthusiastically danced the night away. Listening to such classics as: “Spill The Wine,” “Low Rider,”, “Cisco Kid,” and “Why Can’t We Be Friends?,” it’s impossible not to be taken back to the days of bell-bottoms, big Afros, and peace signs.

Guest Singer and Audience Member, Louis

Band: WAR
Photographer: John Rudolph
Assistant Photographer: Kim Rudolph