Photos: Angels and Airwaves & Say Anything @ Showbox SoDo (Part 2)

Last week I was thrilled to introduce Graham Lee on here with his photos of Angels and Airwaves and Say Anything. I am thrilled this week to introduce and debut another photographer, David Conger, with his pix of AVA and Say Anything. I won’t complain again about how disappointed I am that I had to […]

Photos: Angels and Airwaves & Say Anything @ Showbox SoDo

We’re so lucky Graham Lee was at Angels and Airwaves and Say Anything last night. I had to miss the show and am terribly sad about it. Graham’s a new photographer to the site and he’s a very welcome addition! This is a sweet debut. Please enjoy some of his photos! Angels and Airwaves Say […]

Photos: Muse @ KeyArena

If Muse had arranged for a spaceship to land in the middle of KeyArena it would not have surprised me one bit. If any band could manage that Muse is it, and that’s about the only way they could top themselves with their incredible music and galactic stage set. Although they manage to pull you […]

Photos & Show Review: John Mayer @ KeyArena

John Mayer opened his show last night at KeyArena with Heartbreak Warfare, one of my favorite songs off his new CD, Battle Studies. The first half of his set, which included Belief, Perfectly Lonely, Crossroads and Assassin moved gorgeously into some more bluesy numbers, Dreaming With a Broken Heart and Heavier Things’ Clarity and Daughters. […]