Preview: Capitol Hill Block Party – Day 3, Sun. 7/24

Day three of Capitol Hill Block Party adds the Red Bull Sound Select Stage (at Neumos) to the mix. Red Bull Sound Select presents shows worldwide with local curators; Seattle’s curators include Sub Pop and Good to Die Records. We love that here at Back Beat Seattle. And, I think I say this about every festival, but it’s important: drink lots of water and wear sunscreen.

2:30-3:15 @ the Main Stage

Maiah Manser

The groovy Maiah Manser appears at CHBP in an afternoon Main Stage slot. It’s fantastic to see this young and talented performer get such exposure. I’m truly glad Manser will bring her lovely vocals and songs to the festival. Get a little sun, get a lot of her awesome voice. Well done!

Maiah Manser – photo by Megumi Shauna Arai


4:15 @ the Red Bull Sound Stage

The Spider Ferns

One of two acts I recommend you catch at the Red Bull Sound Stage is Seattle’s the Spider Ferns. Duo Kelly Fleek and Alton Fleek are badass electronic musicians. Kelly Fleek is another local vocalist I love. Her voice, high and sweet, catches all the right spots in the band’s songs. I encourage you to see their set.

The Spider Ferns


5:00-5:30 @ the Vera Stage


The female vocalists are absolutely on fire this Sunday. Next up is Sassyblack, the soul project of Catherine Harris-White. Harris-White, who was 1/2 of THEESatisfaction, has her own work now. Her album, No More Weak Dates (love that tile), is out right now. Hang with her at the Vera Stage.



9:00 @ the Red Bull Sound Stage


Portland, Oregon’s Wampire takes us back to the Red Bull Sound Stage. Can I place them in a weird pop category? Are there hooks to Wampire’s songs? Yes, there are, even in a track called “Too Stoned,” where you’d expect (and forgive) them to disappear in all that cool weirdness.



5:15-6:00 @ the Main Stage

The Joy Formidable

The Joy Formidable, a Welsh rock trio who has managed to produce all three of their records, are always popular here. Generally Seattle likes loud alternative rock. Right? So get ready to embrace the Joy Formidable, who will play one of its biggest Seattle show’s yet on Sunday. And how weird is that YouTube video paused on a unicorn and a bare ass?

The Joy Formidable – photo by Simon Krane


9:45-11:00 @ the Main Stage


CHVRCHES, another trio, this one from Scotland, closes the CHBP. I love their synth music, but I am also partial to a Scottish accent, so I hope, for everyone’s sakes, they will say a few words. Anyway, CHVRCHES’ latest song, “Bury It,” features Paramore’s Hayley Williams. Nice!

CHVRCHES – photo by Kirk Stauffer