Show Review & Photos: EELS & The Submarines @ Showbox at the Market

I’ve loved EELS for a long time.  However, I was a bit skeptical going to seeing them live for the first time because Mark Oliver’s voice is so calm and tranquil.  However, Oliver showed enthusiasm for the music and excitement for the crowd. EELS have their own classic style: mellow at times, but rock ‘n’ roll is always at the heart of their music. If you ever thought you like the EELS even just a little bit, you will be absolutely thrilled by their excellent live performance. Check ’em out!  They’re worth it.

The Submarines brought beautiful voices and lovely faces.  Their voices and lyrics ring true.  However, the woman next to me said she would like them more if they had an interesting drummer.  I agree!  If you’re going to bother to play live why would you use your computer for the drums?

photos & review by Ellie Mansfield