Capitol Hill Block Party Days 1, Fri. & 2, Sat. w/ So Pitted, Soft Metals, Steve Gunn, Telekninesis, Naomi Punk, Onuinu & FF

Stepping back a little in Seattle musical festivals for some photos by Simon Krane of So Pitted, Soft Metals, Steve Gunn, Telekinesis, Naomi Punk, Onuino and FF at Capitol Hill Block Party. That’s some beautiful blonde hair in So Pitted and Naomi Punk. So Pitted Soft Metals Steve Gunn Telekninesis (Friday) Naomi Punk Onuinu FF

Photos: Capitol Hill Block Party – Day 1, Friday w/ Telekinesis, Danny Brown, Fly Moon Royalty, The Intelligence, Soft Metals, Grave Babies & William Tyler

Capitol Hill Block Party, Day 1 – Friday, July 26th Review & Photos by Abby Williamson Fly Moon Royalty‘s Adra Boo This being my first time at Capitol Hill Block Party, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. And considering that my first impression was Friday’s frat boy fest, I’m surprised I […]