Show Review & Photos: Steel Panther @ Showbox SoDo

Steel Panther

Steel Panther is one of those bands that I wait for all year. So, who is Steel Panther? They are this wild LA band that spoofs all of the excesses of the hair metal scene of the ’80s. They are so funny and witty that the uninitiated might not realize how musically talented they are.

Steel Panther is like that dumb blond actress that everyone dismisses as stupid until she shows up in Scientific American and you discover she has an IQ of 160. Steel Panther can’t be this funny without being super talented at the same time.

When you go to a Steel Panther show, you can’t be shy or too politically correct. They are raunchy and in some cases, over the top. When they sing “Asian Hooker” to an Asian American fan everything inside cringes until you see that she is in on the joke. You feel a little better about yourself however that “I shouldn’t be liking this” feeling never really goes away.

Steel Panther is an event that people plan for months in advance. They go to the shows dress like their favorite character and the band fully acknowledges that and there is a fun symbiotic relationship between fans and the band.

Find their latest release, Lower The Bar and get ready to laugh hysterically!