Photos: Coin @ the Showbox – Coin Returns to the Showbox Sat. 2/23

Coin @ the Showbox – 3/14; Coin Returns to the Showbox Sat. 2/23
Photos by Casey Brevig & Dagmar

Coin – photo by Casey Brevig

The super rad band Coin, from Nashville, Tennessee, played the Showbox last March. And, guess what? Coin returns to the venue on Saturday, February 23rd. There’s so much good to say about this trio, who plan to release its third album next year. These photos count as real history: bassist, Zachary Duke, who is in these photos, is no longer in the band. Don’t worry though, Coin is a total winner – live or recorded. 

Coin – photos by Dagmar

Coin – photos by Casey Brevig

Coin – photos by Dagmar