Photos and Review: Trixie Whitley at Barboza

Belgian-born, Trixie Whitley soulfully yet playfully took the stage at Barboza to a passionate yet intimate crowd. Her bluesy, alt rock style suited the understated elegence of Barboza.

Initially the fans sat dutifully in their chairs and tables. Trixie asked them to feel free to move closer and they complied with cheers and applause.

Trixie can be seen in the gritty black and white videos playing with Black Dub. At Barboza on Friday night, she played mostly alone with Jeff Taylor of Dumpster Hunter playing keyboards for several songs.

Whitley really seemed to enjoy herself when she tried a couple of songs with a vintage beatbox. She kept praying that the old beatbox would keep time. It did and she sounded great.

Photos by: John Rudolph