Photos and Review: Gary Mullen & The Works

I can’t think of anyone who would be considered a showman more than Freddie Mercury. He had an angelically soaring voice that most singers could only dream of. Sadly, we can no longer enjoy the purity of Mercury’s pipes, but we can enjoy Gary Mullen and The Works’ interpretation of Queen with their “One Night of Queen” show.

During the Seattle show of his world tour, Mullen (winner of Stars in Their Eyes 2000) gyrated, sashayed, and flirted with the audience in the best traditions of Freddie Mercury. He pranced about the stage, swishing to and fro and making references to how much the audience loved his bum. The Work concentrated on the Queen tours of the 1980s and their lighting to emulate the actual Queen shows of the same period.

I was never fortunate enough to see Queen live but longtime fans in the audience said this was as close to the real thing as you can get. I did a little research before enjoying this show and fans all over the Internet raved about Gary’s performance. If they come to a town near you, do go see them. You will not be disappointed.

Gary Mullen & The Works

Photographer: John Rudolph