Videos: Ok Go, Fol Chen, Head Like a Kite & Janelle Monae

Ok Go just keeps coming up with great ideas for videos and their latest, End Love is no exception. What a miraculous CD they came out with last year in Of the Blue Colour of the Sky. This video features quite a few Canadian geese – as a Seattleite it’s really cool to see them since our city killed off about 75 percent of the poor animals.

Fol Chen is in Seattle for a show at the Sunset this Friday, July 9th. I recommend this show. But first check out their video for In Ruins. They sent director Chris Wilcha to Iceland after Eyjafjallajökull blew:

Head Like a Kite took to the streets of Seattle for the video of She’s Wearing that Costume. Look for the band to hit the same stomping grounds when they play Capitol Hill Block Party on Friday, July 23rd (8:45 pm, Neumos).

Janelle Monae‘s Tightrope gets remixed with B.o.B & Lupe Fiasco. Crisp footage for sure:


Photos: David Wax Museum & Old 97’s @ the SHOWBOX Market

David Wax Museum opened for the Old 97’s at the Showbox to a rowdy and packed house. The audience was peppered with pin-up dolls and hot rod guys which added a hot and spicy flavor to the show.

David Wax made his way to Boston by way of Missouri and Mexico which influenced his Mexican Folk/Rock sound. (

Dave Wax Museum

Dave Wax Museum

Dave Wax Museum

Dave Wax Museum

The Old 97’s hail from the bars of Dallas and are known as one of the pioneers of alt-country bands. Their sound and following have a clear rockabilly edge to it. (










John Rudolph

CD Review: For Your Entertainment by Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert’s debut CD, For Your Entertainment is definitely one of my favorites of 2010. Shocking in its completeness and variety, I have listened to it repeatedly and it’s holding up wonderfully. You can argue that all the songs are pop and I will grant you that, but it’s different pop from each other, from the Matthew Bellamy written and striking Soaked to the ballad Whataya You Want From Me?, there’s something on here that I think anyone with a pop sensibility will enjoy. Lambert’s voice lends itself with precision to each song – this is difficult to do. Think about most singers and their voices for a minute. Now imagine them trying to sing nearly different genres. It’s almost always a disaster. Lambert’s voice is a versatile actor, and the moods of the songs flow with no misfires whatsoever. Beginning with the glam wonder Music Again and the sexy title track, it doesn’t let up, continuing with the sublime Whataya You Want From Me: (That Baby you’re beautiful/There’s nothing wrong with you/It’s me/I’m a freak/But thanks for loving me/’Cause you’re doing it perfectly) and Strut’s thumping urgency, For Your Entertainment is dazzling. Other favorites are the dance stompers If I Had You and Pick U Up – plus Fever. Fever is super: I wanna get you alone/ Give you a fever, fever.

For Your Entertainment (RCA Records)

Show Review & Photos: Concrete Blonde & Jim Bianco @ the Showbox

Show Review by Shana Restall Crick
Photos by Alex Crick

Concrete Blonde

The music of Concrete Blonde comprised a sizeable portion of the soundtrack to my college years. I was fortunate to be able to see them perform on June 24th at the Showbox during a stop on their “20 Years of Bloodletting” tour. Opening the show was Jim Bianco, who sang about subject matter such as Tennessee Williams and made a request for “stalker lighting” to complement one of his songs. Eclectic and funny, Jim Bianco proved to be a crowd-pleaser.

Jim Bianco

Concrete Blonde

The real draw of the evening was Concrete Blonde, and specifically, the amazingly mesmerizing vocals of Johnette Napolitano. One gets a sense of the depth of her talent as a singer and a bassist by listening to their albums. However, nothing prepared me for how stunning her voice was live. She pushed the boundaries of every song to spectacular heights. And then she went a little further. Unquestionably, Concrete Blonde achieved a performance that was technically brilliant, but they also were able to connect emotionally to the crowd. They began their set with two very recognizable songs – “Bloodletting” and “Joey”. However, the show became more alluring as the night progressed, and the rapt audience became more and more entranced. Particularly memorable were their performances of “Heal It Up,” “Caroline, Tomorrow,” “Wendy,” and “Mexican Moon”. I was astonished by how incredible this show was, and I am certain that no one left disappointed.


Concrete Blonde


Jim Bianco


Concrete Blonde


Jim Bianco


Concrete Blonde


I Don’t Need a Hero
Days and Days
Scene of the Perfect Crime
Ghost of a Texas Ladies’ Man
Everybody Knows
When I Was a Fool
God is a Bullet
Run Run Run
Little Wing
Heal It Up