Photos: Civil Twilight and Edward Sharpe @ Bumbershoot

It’s hard to believe this post has two epic bands like Civil Twilight and Edward Sharpe, and that it was just the beginning to the lineup of Bumbershoot last weekend. They put on fantastic shows, I just wish there was more time to hang around and listen to them.  For more photos of these and […]

Show Review & Photos: BOMBA ESTEREO @ Bumbershoot (En Español tambien)

By Ellie Mansfield Photos and translation by Anthony Guerra Jepson BOMBA ESTEREO has a kind of sound that can never be duplicated! They have an eclectic style that never stops. Many songs they place under their own genre they call “cumbia psicodelica” (psychedelic cumbia). As a live band BOMBA ESTEREO is a mix of cumbia, […]

Photos and Review: John Mellencamp and Bob Dylan @ Yakima County Stadium

Yakima has been on a roll with getting some big name acts to play in the area. With Elton John, John Mellencamp, Bob Dylan, and the forthcoming Brett Michaels one has to wonder, Why all of the sudden are the big name acts, playing a small town like Yakima? The only big names to draw […]

Photos and Review: Fran Healy @ Triple Door

Fran Healy Triple Door, Seattle Wednesday 18 August It’s a Wednesday evening, and HH and I have just been seated at Seattle’s Triple Door.  The venue is in the middle of downtown Seattle, and with its courteous staff, luxurious seating and glowing candles, feels almost like a spa resort compared to the usual amped-up, smacked-in-the-head, […]