Photos: Bumbershoot 2011 w/ Eisley

That’s right, three Back Beat Seattle photographers stormed the set Eisley performed at this year’s Bumbershoot. Eisley’s another band we absolutely love here, so this makes total sense. Enjoy some photos by Kirk Stauffer, Nicky Andrews and Simon Krane: Eisley – photos by Kirk Stauffer Eisley – photos by Nicky Andrews Eisley– photos by Simon […]

Photos: Bumbershoot 2011 w/ The Kills, Legendary Oaks & Fly Moon Royalty

The Kills helped close out Bumbershoot 2011 this year with what appears to be an amazing leopard print backdrop in these photos from Simon Krane. Also appearing at Bumbershoot were two Seattle acts, Legendary Oaks and Fly Moon Royalty, whom Nicky Andrews captured in photos: The Kills – photos by Simon Krane Fly Moon Royalty […]

Photos: Bumbershoot 2011 w/ Starfucker, Natasha Kmeto, Nortec Collective

Well, we do love Starfucker here at Back Beat Seattle. Three Back Beat Seattle photographers, Nicky Andrews, Kirk Stauffer and Simon Krane snapped the Portland band, and Krane also got fellow Portlander Natasha Kmeto plus Tijuana’s Nortec Collective. Enjoy: Starfucker – photo by Kirk Stauffer Starfucker – photos by Nicky Andrews Starfucker – photos by […]