Photos: Peter Hook Presents Unknown Pleasures @ Showbox Market

On Tuesday, December 7th the Showbox hosted Peter Hook Presents Unknown Pleasures. Hook, who was the bassist in Joy Division, performed the band’s beautiful 1979 album Unknown Pleasures for several dates in the U.S., and Seattle was fortunate to be one of them. We’ve got some wicked shots photographer Nicky Andrews took during the show. […]

Photos: Purrfect Pals, Billy Bragg, Japandroids & Hole (End Session) @ Bumbershoot

Photographer Nicky Andrews sure was busy covering Bumbershoot the other weekend and got some really cool photos, including PurrfectPals, Billy Bragg, Japandroids and Hole‘s End Session: PurrfectPals – A kitten from the Arlington, WA no-kill cat shelter plays. The booth was located near the Broad Street Stage, where the cats enjoyed Japandroids and the Submarines, […]

Photos: Grynch, Star Anna, the Constellations and Visqueen @ Bumbershoot

Grynch, Star Anna, the Constellations and Visqueen were all at Bumbershoot at this year: Grynch, State Farm Stage: The Constellations, Stage Farm Stage: Star Anna & the Laughing Dogs, Starbucks Stage: Visqueen, EMP Sky Church: You can view more photos from Bumbershoot here. By Nicky Andrews