Photos: The 2012 Capitol Hill Block Party with Crime Wave, Haunted Horses, Kris Orlowski, Blouse, Neko Case & The Lumineers

We’ve got coverage from photographer Simon Krane of several local, Seattle bands who played this year’s Capitol Hill Block Party, including Crime Wave, Haunted Horses, Kris Orlowski,and Blouse, plus Neko Case (she’s kind of local!) and the one outsider of this installment, The Lumineers. Major show alerts: Kris Orlowski will be at the Triple Door […]

Photos: Bumbershoot 2011, Day 2 w/ Kris Orlowski, Wagons, and PS I Love You

Seattle finally found its blue sky, just in time for Bumbershoot: Kris Orlowski was described as a troubadour, but when I saw the cello, violin, drums, guitar, etc. –I was hooked. Wagons hark from Australia–by way of the deep southern USA.  I created the genre “nerdish country” just for them.