Show Review & Photos: Two Door Cinema Club @ Nectar

Wow. And wow again. That’s my response to Two Door Cinema Club’s show on Saturday night. This band is so fantastic and it was such a pleasure to see them at Nectar. As an avid fan of bass guitar, it was a special treat to see bassist Kevin Baird nail those lines and attack his space. I’ve rarely seen such a good bassist. Two Door Cinema Club’s songs are stunners. I’ve been listening to their CD, Tourist History, over and over and there’s not a weak song on it. The band from Northern Ireland, is as they say, on the verge of something big. They should be the big band of the year, I reckon. Their build up in Do You Want it All was a soaring hop and This is the Life was a cool, terrific hug of a performance. Singers and guitarists Alex Trimble and Sam Halliday also proved to be unique and major figures. I am in love with this band – as were the audience members around me. I haven’t seen so many people hang around at a club show to talk to a band in quite a while. From their MySpace page I gather they actually are doing a world tour through November: America, the United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and then back again. See this band and buy the CD! Now! My photos:


















review & photos by Dagmar

Gallery of Two Door Cinema Club @ Nectar

Photos: Charlotte Gainsbourg @ The Crocodile

Charlotte Gainsbourg performed at The Crocodile April 14th, 2010. This marks my first gig for Back Beat Seattle, which didn’t hit off with a bang for various reasons that need not be explained.
I wasn’t too familiar with Miss. Gainsbourg’s and had only heard of some of her material on KEXP. I am very much a fan of her father (the late Serge Gainsbourg) though.
The show opened with an indy band called “AM” whom i missed most of the set due to a conflict with credentials but what I had heard when i did gain access i did enjoy. The second act was “Jogger” Whom I was really diggin’. They were a mix of Royksopp meets Aphex Twin with a hint of Indie. Lastly, Charlotte took stage and I must say, she was a breath of fresh air. She fed off the packed audience at “The Crocodile” whom were into her set. Overall, it was a great show and it introduced me to a new sound.
~Xander Deccio



Charlotte Gainsbourg

Photos: HIM @ Showbox Sodo

I had the opportunity to shoot one of my favorite bands, HIM at the Showbox Sodo on April 17th, 2010. I never had seen HIM before and being a fan of their European work, this was a real treat for me. This was also my second show in the same week and also my first time with Back Beat Seattle. The show was fun and Ville Valo got the crowd going. The only thing that bothered me was the smoke/strobe mixture, but overall the show was very enjoyable.
~Xander Deccio