Cool Cover

Artist: Dream Drop
Album: Acne Superstar
Details: Swedish band Dream Drop opted for what could be a Valentine Day’s themed cover. Big red hearts matched by big red eyes and a blue-tinged black fringe on the heads of red-lipped dolls. Very pretty. The vinyl of the album is red and black too!

Cover Art for Acne Superstar


ArtistOdd Robot
Album: Deathmates
Details: One human, one cyborg, and a giant robot complete this great cover by Tim Cochran. Cochran, who is also a tattoo artist, creates colorful designs that really stand out.

Odd Robot‘s Deathmates cover art


Artist: Lucinda Chua
Album: Reclaiming the Rose
Details: I don’t know who was behind the styling and photo of Reclaiming the Rose‘s cover, but the black grass looks so cool. And the goth red flowers blend in so nicely. Chua’s expression is great too.

Reclaiming the Rose cover art


Artist: Meth Math
Album: Chupetones
Details: Meth Math, a band from Mexico, will release their debut album, Chupetones, in February. For the cover, Angel Narcissa did the cool artwork. Check out what I think is a silver motorcycle? A doll riding the motorcycle. So much steel.

Cover art work for Chupetones by Angel Narcissa