Photos & Review: Brian Setzer Orchestra w/ the Texas Gentlemen @ The Paramount

Brian Setzer Orchestra w/The Texas Gentlemen @ the Paramount, 12/26/17 Show Review & Photos by John Rudolph Brian Setzer Orchestra Sometimes you wait a long time to see an artist and you wish you had kept waiting, but Brian Setzer is one of those artists that you wait for, hoping they’ll be as good as […]

Music: Ellie Goulding – “O Holy Night”

Song: “O Holy Night” Artist: Ellie Goulding Why You Want to Listen: In 2015, British singer Ellie Goulding did a version of one of my very favorite Christmas songs, “O Holy Night.” What a sweet and lovely rendition she gave to fans, and it’s now an annual goodie. Goulding must be a Christmas enthusiast, as […]

Music: Smallpools’ “Passenger Side (Grizfolk Remix)”

Band: Smallpools Song: “Passenger Side (Grizfolk Remix)” Why You Want to Listen: It’s a song about driving. . . kind of. . . and about nostalgic good times in cars while driving. That’s most likely pretty appealing, right? And there’s some lost love. And Vegas. Smallpools’ “Passenger Side” is their latest single, and here it […]